Harp Therapy is an ancient holistic method of healing where benefits such as:

1. increased relaxation
2. improvement in sleep
3. decreased pain and anxiety
4. stabilization of vital signs
5. and improvement, are brought about by listening to the calming sounds of the harp.

Music that is appropriate to age, culture and preference is played in a flowing style to bring about relaxation for every stage of life, when a small harp is played because it has a soothing timbre and spiritual associations. The small harp may also be used interactively.

The harp therapist works with the Resonant Tone of each person causing sympathetic vibrations to resonate within the body, by playing in the traditional system of modal keys.

"Dear Shirley.
Thank you so much for finding the time to come to Bulmer House and spending quality time here with us. Although your time was brief, while you were here, you made a huge impact on the lives of the residents. We really appreciated your flexible approach being some what disorganized at times. You were happy to meet with residents in the residents own bedrooms, in the concourse and in the library.
The fact is you sat with four of them, who are amongst the most vulnerable people we have living here. With each and every one, you had a positive effect and relaxing time.

It was very beneficial to residents who are normally uncommunicative. We saw you completing one to one sessions, making good eye contact (or not, as was the case, for the lady who kept her eyes shut all the way through, but moved her hand in time to the beat) and using the music to enter their world.

I know you made such an impact with one resident in particular that her husband is keen for you to continue visiting. When she transfers to another unit in the near future, I will give him your contact details with your permission? It goes without saying that I really appreciate the way you treated all with dignity and respect throughout your stay and it is a great shame that we had not known you years ago you would have been a great benefit to us. Best Wishes and thanks from the residents and staff.”
  Sheila Harrop, Deputy Unit Manager, Bulmer House

Career summary:

Key skills and achievements:

Registered Teacher ISM Jan. 2006
Diploma Teaching (Piano) ABRSM July 2003
Certificate Teaching (Piano) ABRSM July 2002
Performers Certificate (Solo Piano) TRINITY July 2001
Professional Development Cert. BTEC July 2000
HND Piano Tuning London 1988 1991
CGLI Keyboard Instruments London 1988 1991

International Harp Therapy Program 2013-2014

Recent Exams

Lever Harp Grade Initial TRINITY 2009
Lever Harp Grade 1 TRINITY 2009
Lever Harp Grade 3 TRINITY 2010
Lever Harp Grade 4 TRINITY 2011
Lever Harp Grade 5 TRINITY 2012
Lever Harp Grade 6 TRINITY 2013

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